Computed Tomography (CT) Scans


Computed tomography (CT), and the three- dimensional images it provides, were developed in 1973. The technology was amazing to the practitioners involved! Those practitioners were at a loss of how to apply CT, and had no idea of the profound effect it would have on the surgical and medical community. It took several years of development and a new segment of the specialty of Radiology, but CT has become an integral part of surgical treatment of patients today.

In our office, we recently updated our cone beam scanner (CT). Our new system allows for even faster scans with less radiation. It also grants an advantage most offices do not have, which is to have the ability to see a three dimensional view of our patients’ jaws before any procedure is performed. With this, we are able to view impacted teeth before they are removed; thereby decreasing their removal time. The technology also translates into less swelling and discomfort during your at home recovery period.

Our cone beam scan also allows for revolutionary placement of dental implants. We can plan the placement of dental implants on our computer prior to us bringing our patients in for surgery, Therefore, this allows proper implant placement, and your dentist can restore you back to the comfort of your natural teeth, as well as a beautiful smile.