Dental Implants- Modern dentistry’s best option for replacing missing teeth!

       You may have heard the term “Dental Implants” in passing, or perhaps even a friend or relative has one and you’ve always wondered what the hype is all about. Do not be mistaken, this process is no hype! With credentials to support, Dental Implants have been said to be “modern dentistry’s best option for replacing missing teeth”. But is the process of a dental implant placement beneficial for you? Well, we’re glad you asked!

          dental-implants It is easy to see the esthetic flaw a missing tooth leaves behind – but the trouble beneath the gums is more concerning to your trusted dental professional. With an open space left behind, greater problems may lie beyond the gums. Without the stimulation of a tooth, it is common for bone loss to occur in the area, as well as shifting of natural teeth.  Dental Implants are a great and permanent alternative to natural tooth replacement both functionally and esthetically. They have the same look, feel and function of your natural teeth, with the positive attribute of being insusceptible to cavities. The implant procedure has a long track record, and with proper care, may last a lifetime with a success rate exceeding 95%.