Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many wonder why our third molars are referred to as “wisdom teeth,” have you ever wondered why? Typically, most people’s third molars will surface between the ages of 17 and 25, giving linguists the belief that they were given this name because they appear when you are older and wiser. This time of life has often been called the “Age of Wisdom!”

Often times, as your dentist or oral surgeon claim that your wisdom tooth or your child’s wisdom tooth are impacted, many will start to panic. No need to fret! This simply just means that for some reason the tooth remains stuck in the gum, or in both the bone and gum. Impacted wisdom teeth can occur for various reasons, many times, the area is just overcrowded and there is no room for the teeth to emerge. The wisdom teeth may also become twisted, tilted, or even displaced which will result in impaction.