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Patient Reviews

Dr. Silverman is the best oral surgeon out there. I have never been more comfortable with anyone!

- Jessica S.

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Patient Reviews

Received excellent attention and assistance from all involved with BWS from the moment I contacted the office. The staff is extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable . The physical environment is immaculate. There are no words to describe Dr. Silverman! His calming, kind manner, knowledge and skillful procedures are extraordinary. Dr. Silverman creates a stress free…

- Catherine R.

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Patient Reviews

Doctor Silverman and his staff were extremely kind and professional. They made the daunting experience of getting my wisdom teeth pulled as painless and worry-free as possible.

- Tal A

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Patient Reviews

Today I had a bone graft procedure at BWS. I was extremely anxious about the procedure due to a very difficult wisdom tooth extraction 35 years ago in Manhattan, which evidently traumatized me. Today’s procedure was A BREEZE — thanks to Dr. Silverman’s skill and experience. But I also want to give a REALLY LOUD…

- Gary L

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Thank you for the expert care you provided for me last week. You and your staff made me feel completely comfortable and confident. It was a positive experience from my first contact for an appointment to the post-op phone call. I appreciated your clear explanation of my dental issues before treatment and your review of your findings after surgery.

The surgical procedure was completely comfortable and afterwards I needed no additional pain medication ( other than one precautionary analgesic pill as the local anesthesia wore off) and had no discomfort. What more could one ask for?

Your calm, reassuring demeanor and superior surgical expertise confirms that I made the right choice of oral surgeon.

Thanks for everything,

– Harry Bloomfeld, DDS

Dr. Bart W. Silverman personally evaluated my situation, explained the various options available to me- including relative risks, potential complications, procedural options, and prospects for long- run success. He performed all surgical procedures and personally oversaw all aftercare and follow-up. Dr. Silverman coordinated well with my dentist, Dr. Robert Marrone, to insure that my care and treatment was seamless and totally successful. Bart is a proverbial “sweetheart!” I do not believe that he would even know how to behave discourteously. He also impressed me by being well prepared whenever he walked into the operatory in which I was situated- having taken the time before hand to re-familiarize himself with my particular case needs. After every procedural visit- I was contacted to make sure that I was in no great discomfort, that I had the materials needed for post- operative care( gauze, medications and prescriptions, etc.), that I understood what home care I needed to perform, and to remind me about my follow-up appointments(Thanks Olivia!). The entire staff, from x-ray technicians to the surgical assistants, were well trained, pleasant, and most importantly, patient and willing to listen. I am especially grateful to the surgical assistants who were able to calm my nerves and prepare me psychologically for the ordeals I was about to endure- LOL!

– Dr. Fred P.

Bart, thank you so much for the outstanding care you game me. From beginning to end if a tooth extraction could be a pleasure, this really was! Your staff is amazing and the office environment seems so energetic and passionate, no doubt trickling down from the top. Please pass along my appreciation to them and it is my hope that you all have a happy and healthy holiday season.
Best regards,

– Rob S

Dear Dr. Silverman

I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding dental care that you provided.  My case was complex and you coordinated a perfect plan of action with my prosthodontist.  Your caring manner put me at ease, and your gentle hand and expertise made the numerous procedures painless.  The final result has exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for your role in enhancing my quality of life.

– Sue

When one hears the word surgery, a panic button tends to go off. A heightened level of anxiety proceeds, accompanied by added stress and tension. For me, personally, all of this was alleviated when I entered Dr. Bart Silverman’s office. His expertise and soothing demeanor along with  humorous anecdotes made me feel 100% comfortable undergoing oral surgery. His genuine concern and bed-side manner offered me the confidence that I needed to undergo dental implant surgery.

For many years, I was experiencing much discomfort and pain in my lower jaw. After futile attempts of numerous dental visits and several root canals, it was Dr. Silverman who had found the crack in my tooth from an extraction and subsequently prepared me for dental implant surgery. His office, staff, and care made surgery feel like a routine dental visit. A painless process with little recuperation was what I vividly recall. I highly recommend Dr. Bart Silverman, his innovative techniques, sophisticated knowledge, combined with his personable and charming character, is second to none.

– Corinne P.

I was quite nervous having to go to an oral surgeon not to mention mortified as well with the cosmetic end of things, knowing that I would be missing teeth and getting new ones when I loved the ones I had. I was very uncomfortable and resistent to the process. I chose to be in the care of Dr. Silverman. He is extremely thorough, professional and patient and has a bedside manner that every doctor should have. He explained every step of the process each time I saw him and asked me questions to make sure that I understood and was aware of everything. Dr. Silverman’s staff is equally as amazing and very knowledgeable which is rare to the extent of his office. Surgery was a breeze. Nurse Katie and his assistants were in the room and made me feel more comfortable than I could ever imagine. During surgery I didn’t feel anything. When I woke up I was still comfortable and his staff reviewed the pain management steps with me before I left as well as what to expect within the next few days. The pain management was very effective. After surgery not only did his staff call to see how I was doing but Dr. Silverman did as well. They always welcome calls and questions.

Dr. Silverman also made the process very easy by consulting with my dentist proactively every step of the way. I didn’t need to worry about making calls or getting caught up in the technicalities. Many times when dealing with professionals people become stressed and overwhelmed by making sure we have all of the information, files and messages to give and relay – that was all eliminated by his hands on process.

I would never consider going anywhere else and only recommend Dr. Silverman. I would be very concerned if my family or friends use anyone else. We are very fortunate to have such a skilled doctor in Rockland. If you are not from here, I suggest making the trip.

– Lenore C.

It is not often that you find a surgeon like Dr. Bart Silverman. Both of my children were fortunate to be treated by him (one for the extraction of baby teeth prior to getting braces and one for removal of impacted wisdom teeth). From the moment you walk into his state of the art office, you are treated professionally and made to feel very comfortable. Dr. Silverman has an extremely patient and caring concern for all of his patients, especially children. His overall personality and quick wit makes his patients quickly forget their anxiety about their upcoming procedure. He is very thorough in explaining all facets of the operation as well as the after-care required. I was pleasantly surprised when he called my house personally, later in the evening following the procedures to check on the status of my children. It is this type of concern that makes him a terrific doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

– Nancy A.

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