Platelet Rich Plasma- A new revolution in Oral Surgery bone grafting

For many years, clinicians in various specialties of dentistry and medicine have been searching for materials that can accelerate and enhance bone and soft tissue healing, especially that of bone and soft tissue grafts. Recently, in both the oral surgical and the orthopedic literature, platelet-rich plasma has been shown to accelerate and enhance bone graft maturation and density.

We are proud to say that in our practice, we have taken on this progressive bone and soft tissue grafting technique. We now have the capability of using patients own chemical anatomy to produce strong, dense, bone, which aids in the placement of implants, and other oral maxillofacial procedures. We do this by drawing the patients’ blood, as one would for a blood test, then spinning the specimen down in a centrifuge. We then treat the specimen and create the necessary portions needed for the bone graft.  By using the patients’ own Platelet-derived growth factors, the patient can look forward to a shorter waiting period for bone growth development and more effective healing.